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Upper San Juan Oct 16-19

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Left Antelope Point (public ) ramp about 11am on Monday and ran to Piute Bay in the SJ. Set up camp and went out for the evening. Stayed close to camp so fished Piute Creek and caught one each miniature striper and smallie. There were few shad and no big schools of stripers in the bay or out in the deeper water. Went to the next bay up lake and trolled until I found a school and caught 4 on jigs but it took four lures to find the one they liked, Oct 17th ran up lake past the Grant Bend. Started trolling in 25' of water and caught nothing despite there being hundreds of shad schools along my path. When I reached Spencer's Camp bay I finally got a very nice striper. Water was 13-15', fairly green (2-3' vis) and 62 degrees. It was game on. In two hour I caught 20 feisty, strong fish between 2.5 and 4#...all in excellent shape. For the next two days it was the same...15 to 20 fish in 2 hours. It was great fun and very productive. I was trolling (on braid and 12# floro) with Lucky Craft 78DD Pointers in the tan/light brown color. Tried all the LC colors but this was by far the best. I then added Stump Jumpers to the trolling mix and both the chartreuse and white caught equal to the LC. I was running two poles and several times had doubles which is a zoo but fun. Saw two boils but was only able to get to one. They were short lived. My hands are so dinged and cut up that I could not have survived a couple more days.
Talked to other fishermen mostly after SM and LM bass. They reported great success and mentioned bigger than normal LM. Also ran into Megabite and fished Spencer's area with him...have not seen him for several years. Was nice! Chuck


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I used to love the San Juan but, have not fish Powell since 2003. I miss the great fishing and you see very few humans, not that I don't like humans.
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