Turn a houseboat at Lone Rock Beach

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Jim Arndt

My brother and I have back to back weeks on a houseboat in mid June (2nd and 3rd weeks.) We were considering beaching the houseboat at Lone Rock for a night, to facilitate the handoff and associated unloading/loading of the houseboat from my brother to me.

I'm looking for Lone Rock information at the current lake levels:

1. Is getting our cars stuck a concern, we both have 4x4 trucks. As the Lake will be rising during this time, will there be enough wet packed sand at the lake edge to drive on? I camped there in June 2000, and motorhomes were along the lake edge at this time, I assume it would be similar at current lake levels?

2. Crowded? To anchor a houseboat, we need about 100' wide of open beach to anchor. I assume Lone Rock beach gets pretty crowded. Is this just a matter of moving further East until we find a spot, or could we be stuck without a beach?

Any thoughts on the above would be appreciated.


I don't know anything about Lone Rock, but one suggestion for loading, unloading. We usually load all the gear into the speedboat, then tie the speedboat up in back of the houseboat. Form a human conveyor belt from the back deck through the houseboat and stuff gets unloaded pretty quickly
Getting stuck in the potential bottomless sand at Lone Rock sounds like way too much trouble. I would just coordinate your times, and just dock it at Stateline, or Wahweap ramp. You could do the transfer fairly quickly with vehicles parked right at the dock. That's what lots of people do...
Lake Bum or Powell Bride's ideas are the best. As long as you sorta got it together at stateline ramp/dock you should have no trouble. Have seen it 20 times
To answer your question about Lone Rock it will likely be lined with motorhomes and camp trailers back to back to back. On holiday weekends (Labor Day, 4th of July, 24th of July (Utah State Holiday) Memorial Day) they are stacked 2-3 deep. On a regular summer day "only" one deep :-(

The sand is not so fluffy on the west end, but those are considered the primo spots because of that and therefore less likely to find a 100' open spot. You may find an open spot on the east end, but that's where the sand gets REALLY deep (and steep). I never go there in a truck but lots of people do by "airing down" their tires.

Here's an idea. The far west end is an inlet. No vehicles are allowed past (west of) that inlet. The inlet is only 10 yards wide. You could pull the houseboat up that (always deserted) beach and drive your trucks to within 100 yards of the houseboat (on the vehicle allowed side), load all your gear into a runabout boat and float it over to the houseboat. But if you don't have a runabout boat that's going to be tricky.
You didn't say if this is a private houseboat or a rental houseboat??? but if a rental houseboat it is so much easier just to take the houseboat from Houseboat Rentals over to Stateline ramp..... closer, too. Boat Rentals has carts that will bring your gear from their parking lots down to your boat, you load the boat and then head out or head to Stateline to pick up some of your group and their gear.. but even if it is private, easier to do this at Stateline ramp - just park way off to the side, unload everything near the dock on the left side -facing the lake- or the beach on the right side and then go park the cars..... load and/or unload the houseboat and you are in and out... clean as a whistle.
I appreciate all the info everybody, thanks for your replies. Sorry I didn't give all the details, it's a bit sensitive with the management company, I shouldn't of used my real name as my profile... ;)

Gem - Exactly what I needed to know, thank you.
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