Trolling Motor Idea

If any of you have mounted a new Minn Kota Ulterra, you know that it is not very conducive to mounting a SI/DI transducer because there is no place for the transducer wire to go without getting pinched. Here is my idea on how to get around that issue.

Papa Whit
check out Precision Sonar, they have developed a top and bottom clamp that works great. I have an Ultrex that they adapted the Ulterra mount for. around 100.00$ for the mounts and the slit coil cord protector. the mounts attach to the bottom of head and top of lower unit and keep the cord managed and not bunched at the bottom. works well on the Ultrex
Papa Whit, Actually, thats a pretty good application I think. Im not a fan of cobbled up installations, but with this new gear, its kind of like making the best out of a bad situation. Ive installed two of the Precision Sonar mounts for friends... Thats a good option also, but I sure wish MK and HB would work together and make integration easier.... But, that would possibly hurt 360 sales, so I dont think thats going to happen. Heres what I ended up doing with my Terrova.. Transducer.jpg