Trip Reports, West Canyon Area?

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Hello all,

Anyone recently been to the Face, West, Friendship Cove, Dungeon, Rock Creeks, Wetherill, Mountain Sheep canyons region? I realize that's a huge swath of the lake, and I know there has been a favorable report on Friendship Cove recently, but I'll take any information that folks don't mind sharing. Our group drives/flies out first thing tomorrow morning.

Of course, I will return the favor and provide a report when we return.

Thanks much, and be safe!

Haven't been there for a month but that's my world. Middle rock creek was dynamite and no reason to believe it's changed. Rockpiles,points, I'm sure you know the routine. Great trolling in Neanderthal and Mountain Sheep, Don't forget the islands by Dungeon, the flats behind the islands hold lmb and walleye. Wetherill has always been sketchy for me, Grotto can be very productive. The back of Rock Creek proper will have alot of submerged brush and so will Friendship. Don't know how you could possibly go wrong in that area. Good Luck!
Thanks! I was certainly looking for fishing reports, but I'll take any anchorage/beaches or other generally relevant information, too.
My favorite beach is the one just east of Neanderthal, I probably sound like a broke record but it is gorgeous if the water level provides a beach, which I think it will. It is known as Dove but is not listed on any map I know of. If you follow the shoreline east after leaving Neanderthal you will go back into a hidden cove that hooks to the left and provides spectacular night fishing and wind protection. Hope you check it out. btw , trashtracker has been in there recently so should be very tidy.
Help me out here. Where is Neanderthal relative to the Face, West, Dungeon, Grotto, Wetherill, Mountain Sheep ? Thanks in advance.
I posted a detailed report in Anglers Corner...Doepke Fishing.
Should be all the information that you need if you are after stripers.
Dove is across the main channel and a little west from Friendship. Friendship has good protection and beaches at the back on the left.
We just got back a week ago and we were in Dungeon. We were on the west side two slots in...We had a nice sandy beach and great fishing off the houseboat! Great weather and the anchors held!
Dungeon has a trail at the back on the west side that leads to some nice Moki steps and what looks like an old gravesite with a headstone. There are also alot of arrowheads or chips. That had to have been an old hunting area, probably Anasazi. Very neat area
As promised, here is our trip report:

Stayed in Friendship Cove from July 13 - 21. Fabulous trip. We were anchored on the western shore, so we had lovely afternoon shade. There are prettier canyons in Powell than Friendship, but it was the best overall spot we could find on our day out of Wahweap (lots and lots of great spots taken in West, Face, Dungeon, etc.). The only downside to our anchorage was that we were sharing the cove with several wakesurfers, who apparently don't do anything but wakesurf during daylight hours (and some twilight hours). Fishing was fair, it was much better on the walls of Rock Creek.

We could see some massive monsoonal thunderheads in the distance on most days, one hit the Friendship Cove area. It was just strong enough to be enjoyable and to cool things off, but not strong enough to wonder, "did I set those anchors well enough?"


Birdsnest, we just returned from 4 night trip spent in your favorite spot. July 19-22. I had camped in this cove many years ago and thought this was the one you had described as "hidden gem"and I have to agree it is very beautiful scenically and very protected from the wind. The water level is not optimal for beaches in there, we got the best one, which was really the only decent one with sand. We Anchored facing Directly west. Shade was upon us by 5:45pm Navaho time. The rest of the shore line is covered with bushes now. I explored by paddle board. Forgive me but we don't fish but they were jumping a lot in this cove. Thankfully we saw no snakes but did have two encounters with scorpions! Hiding under bags or tent on the beach. Also we saw a healthy looking coyote running along a game trail not far from our camp in the morning hours. Every night after we heard them yapping. It's a Great location, and close to DRM. We visited rainbow bridge and dangling rope one day & another day checked out the slot canyon in the back of west with our paddle board, very cool. The end of the slot was covered in debris and we weren't brave enough to try to walk on thru it. The water temp is very warm and we swam comfortably in many different areas. We had just sprinkles one night for 60 seconds, and there was occasional wind gusts but we were very protected in our spot. We Looked in freindship for a beach first but it was very crowded.


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Friendship is real nice off season but often crowded during the summer. It's always good to have several alternatives hence Dove. Glad you had a safe trip.
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