Trip report Aug 19-27

Hi all, I thought I would let you know some maybe valuable info for the up coming weekend. We put in at Bullfrog and camped in Oak Creek. As everyone knows sandy camps seem to be fewer for sure. I was surprised at the effect of the high water on camp spots. There is always sandy camping at oak creek on the far western side and house boats use that. We camped on Sunday about half way down on the left. There was a nice 30ft sandy beach and had good protection from a large rock on one side and and a tall wall on the other. There was some reef stuff ( rocks, weeds, baby tamrisk ) between the beach and large rock that had about 10 inches of water on top. It seemed to slow the wave action down from the Oak Creek main bay. Not bad and would be good enough for a houseboat also. With water going down that spot will only get better. At the very back of the canyon is a great sport for 1 or 2 house boats. A rock ( small cobble stone ) shore line but do able with a house boat but not a small boat to put on shore. We camped at the best spot

Monday night through Sat night. It is just before the the above mentioned houseboat spot on the right. Nice sandy beach, a few small rocks but barefoot would be no problem. Had 3 small alcoves that had shade 24 hours a day. We had shade at the boat by 4 and the spot comes with its own friendly duck and a few sun perch. The water was clear and refreshing. Because it was a good spot we did get several drive byers looking to see if we had left or was getting ready to leave each morning and night but the spot was worth it. We also found to my surprise about 4 nice smaller spots for smaller cruisers at the end of Wetherill and a couple at Mt. Sheep Canyon. We also saw 1 ewe and this years baby and last years baby in the back part of the canyon. They didn't have a collar on them so they must have been born wild. Saw a beaver in the back of Oak Creek along with some beautiful butterflies and yellow finch type birds and humming birds at our camp site on Oak Creek. I didn't fish but my license I bought will last till 8/18/18 next year so thats ok. I saw a few boils nothing big till I was headed home and saw one about 20 feet across just before the Rincon. The weather was great one evening of wind. To get an idea of water level when we went to the back of Anasazi the arches were all under water and the water level was up to the begining of the waterfall. Also we hiked the West Canyon to the neat pot holes in the back it was icky! Willows have moved in along with beavers. The creek isn't flowing much so we were always walking in beavers poopie water. It smelled so bad and was so gross. Half of the hike was in large cobble stone which made this 66 year old woman exhausted and slow going but I stuck it out to the end. I would suggest galoshes and nose plugs and good shoes if you are going to to that hike. On a brighter note there were about 5 really nice sandy camp spots at the end of West Canyon. Enjoy your upcoming holiday at the lake!