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Hello all!
Mary and I have finished our Trash Tracking season. Trash Tracker Dave will be back in a couple of weeks. Our last trip was to Anasazi, Twilight, Dove (Neanderthal ?), Gregory Butte, and Last Chance. With the exception of one beach in Dove where somebody had recently left 6 Bud Light cans, virtually all of the trash seemed to be accidental/wind blown. In light of recent Kane Creek events, it's nice to see the majority of us leaving the beaches cleaner than we found them. Thanks to all those waving and smiling at us as we cruise the lake. If any of you lost the large inflatable white swan with sunglasses near camel rock, well, we had to put it out of its misery; it had a punctured wing. :eek: On an evening hike up Neanderthal, we did see a 3-foot rattler, who very politely alerted us to its presence.
As for the fishing, we saw few slurps south of Dangling Rope. In the cooler surface water near Anasazi and Twilight, however, we saw larger slurps and more boat-tolerant fish. Oftentimes we passed right over them in the boat. Had we not been "working," it would have been fairly easy to get a cast or two into them.
BTW, we did see that strange fence on the west end of the ridgeline across the channel from Friendship Cove that Birdsnest mentioned a couple weeks ago. Anybody know why it's up there?
That's a cute bird, sorry you had to put her out of her misery. Isn't that fence the oddest thing? Has to be Navajo related.
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