Trachyte / Striper City 10/18 - 20

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We took our annual deer hunt weekend fishing trip to Powell the 18th - 20th. The weather had us a little worried, with the reports of wind, but that turned out to be no big deal. In fact, we had fantastic weather. We were also worried with all the recent reports of slow fishing. Those reports held true. Fishing was different than previous years.

We spent most of our time fishing the "humps" along the north shoreline between Trachyte and the point to Striper City (mouth of Farley's and White canyons). We also spent a bunch of time fishing Striper City (river channel outside the mouth of Farley / White canyons). We never found any good schools to spoon, and we never saw a boil. Trolling was not fast, but at least kept us picking up fish. We found that if our cranks weren't occasionally hitting the bottom, then we weren't catching fish. We seemed to find most fishing hanging were depths would rise to 9 - 12'. The river channel edge would go from 30' up to 12' -- zig-zagging along this edge, bouncing from 20' - 9', proved fairly effective. Same with the humps -- hitting those 9-12' humps seemed to produce fish. The best lures were those that were hitting 12 - 15': walley divers, broken back shad rap, smash shad. Colors weren't necessarily specific, but I feel like the blue/orange combo produced best.

shad are everywhere -- lots and lots. I imagine that the stripers aren't having to put too much effort into feeding right now, making fishing a little bit difficult. The stripers are in fantastic shape. The kids had a ball.







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We also found that fishing seemed to pick up in the evening. One of our two boats had good success in two-mile canyon as the sun went down. Fishing about 15 feet down over shad balls suspended at 20 feet in 60 feet of water worked well. In just a short time we picked up 5 stripers and 1 smallmouth. But, fishing the same area during the morning or day didn't result in any fish.

We didn't spend much time spooning for stripers because we could never mark any striper schools. The stripers seemed spread out; however, we did pick up a couple spooning near the "humps" in about 15 feet of water. But, it felt like we were spooning blind. Trolling seemed to be our most effective fishing technique.
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