Trachyte, 2 Mile, 4 Mile

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We just returned from 4 days on Powell (22nd – 25th). We had a great trip! Fishing was fantastic.

We setup camp in 4 Mile canyon again, then spent most of our time fishing 2 Mile, Trachyte, and the “humps” between Trachyte and White. Fish could be caught trolling almost any crank bait that went down to 20’. Dad did great using a Storm Thunderstick gizzard shad, but really about any bait you had at 20’ would catch fish. You’d see lots of fish on the sonar from 20 – 30. Spooning also worked when you found yourself above a school. Fishing was definitely better in the mornings and early afternoon. By late afternoon it seemed to slow down some. Fish were in 2 different size groups: 18" and 22". Most were in good shape, but we were also picking up some razorbacks.

We found boils every day. They hit at all different times (9:00am, 10:00am, 12:00pm, and 1:00pm). All boils were close to shore. We had one boil in the back of Trachyte in less than 10’ of water on the southern shoreline. Another boil in the very back of 2 Mile. Two boils near the “humps” on the northern shoreline between Trachyte and White. The last boil on Tuesday was by far the best and lasted for quite a while. Those stripers had the shad trapped behind an island in some canyons on that north shoreline off the humps. Shad were piling up on the shoreline trying to escape. The stripers looked very much like a big school of spawning carp – backs out of the water right on the shoreline in a feeding frenzy! They were going crazy – as were the anglers in the boat!

We only caught 1 walleye this trip. We would also pick up a few smallmouth and largemouth while casting to cover in the backs of the canyons.

The weather was great – almost too hot. We had a little bit of rain Monday morning, but that was a nice relief. The stripers didn’t care. Monday night, however, the rains came. At 8:00 we retreated to the tent, and then listened to pounding rain until about 4:00am! That was a long night without much sleep. Morning came with a muddy camp. Once the sun came out, things dried out enough to let us pack the boat and head back to Bullfrog.

I attached a link to some pictures and a couple videos. Feel free to share them if you see fit. Hopefully the videos won’t make you sick….it’s hard to take a good video when the fish are boiling all around you!

One bit of advice for other anglers – take extra hooks! Those fish are hard hooks!





Videos are shaky -- hard to hold still when you should be casting to fish!! Powell/October 2016/PA250038_zpsoo6cdlwf.mp4 Powell/October 2016/PA250039_zpsourl8ij3.mp4
I STILL need to replace treble hooks on some cranks from boils in July. And these are gamakatsu hooks too. Thanks for the report! We hope to duplicate it in a couple weeks.
Sounds fantastic!
Dungee, I replaced my plugs with VMC 4X heavy saltwater cannot break or bend them. And they are affordable. Kind of thick, and hard to get on the split rings, but your plugs will be destroyed before they fail.....
We will visit these fish next week Mon-Wed. We pull hundreds out of the nets and then cant wait to get done so we can go fishing.
Great report and looked like an awesome trip.
I want to come up and fish the north sometime with you guy's. I have fished the South end most of my life but have never been north of the Rincon.
I have no idea if that is Hotwheels or not. There were 2 pontoons up there on Monday.
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