Three Roof

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Joel Belmont

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Anyone know when Three Roof Ruins will be accessible again? It's been several years and would be nice to be able to go up there again.

If vandalism is the concern, maybe they could mount a box up high with a go pro on a battery. You can zoom in pretty far on a 4K image.
My interest isn't going there when it's closed, but supporting them re-opening the site. I understand the frustration of the actions of whoever vandalized it, but closing it off to thousands of park visitors is unfortunate, as it's the only decent ruins south of bullfrog.

And if they want to protect it, putting up a floating rope isn't going to do that. It would be better to mount a remote hidden camera even if it's only taking one frame every 30 seconds, which would run for weeks on a high capacity memory card, and could be installed with a battery and box for less than $600. Or even just put a sign that says 'this site is under remote video surveillance'.

My point is that there are options other than leaving it closed, which only negatively affects all the park visitors that are law abiding and are there to enjoy, explore and learn about the cultural heritage of the area.
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