This does not sound right. What am I missing? Something stinks, what is it.

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This does not sound right. What am I missing? Something stinks, what is it.

So it sounds like Zinke has a son who somewhere along the way worked for a guy who also owns a tiny electrical related company named whitefish that about a month ago had just two employees. This guy who hired zinke's kid is also a good friend of secretary of the interior Ryan Zinke and this all makes sense because not too long ago they both lived in the same small town in Montana that Zinke called home. And here is the kicker, this same guy with his tiny electric company with 2 employees gets a $300 million dollar no bid contract to restore the entire power grid to all of Puerto Rico. I wonder what government agency oversees and manages power grids.

It's gets better, it also looks like the contract agrees to pay over $300 per hour per site supervisor and $227 per hour per lineman and this same contract includes about $400 extra per day per employee for room and food and here is the kicker this signed contract has a clause that prohibits anyone or any agency from auditing the wages or profit associated with the no bid contract.

Maybe someone here who is obsessed with stinky government swamp stuff can look into this a bit more an offer an unbiased opinion for clarification as the convenient coincidences appear to exceed the probability of unmolested integrity. At first glance this sounds so wrong it must be fake news, or worse, the truth.

Is it possible, if this whitefish guy had been a friend of someone else, that commentary to this event with our resident critic would be different than the current value of zero.

What stinks here is everything.
Not a Lake Powell issue but since it's here:
Your thought that something stinks of corruption is just another "Dog bites Man" story. Of course it stinks and of course it's corrupt. The mistake you are making is in jumping the gun pointing fingers.

I would start with Puerto Rico & it's power company and then look at Whitefish Energy. I'm sure there will be "Corruption Aplenty " for everyone which is actually the Dulce National de Puerto Rico National Candy I believe.

In any event the stench has resulted in cancellation of the contract by the upstanding Puerto Rico power company. Someone turned the lights on upload_2017-10-29_23-0-3.png and the cockroaches scattered. upload_2017-10-29_23-1-38.png Or is that la cucarachas se fueron. I've heard it both ways.
Puerto Rico utility moves to scrap $300M Whitefish contract

I will wait for the facts, but the contract has been cancelled.

What the media still ignores, is the $$$$ hundreds of Millions given to the Clinton Global Relief, for Haiti, which is still in shambles, while 95% of which is in the Clinton Crime Family bank account! No matter where you look, you can not find anyone more despicable or sleazy, or felonious than the Clintons!
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Apparently Zinke is doing something right! He now has 24/7 security after many threats on his life from the ecowackos like NRDC groupies! The left and the media are destroying the country!
Turns out the property the government turned into a NRA to further push back against the Bundy's is sitting on Uranium. aka Uranium One. There is always a reason. Also both of our AZ Senators are involved clear back to 2012/2013 time-frame.

Why did O grab land like a hungry hungry hippo? Answer: Uranium Who did he arm to get it? Lobbyists, BLM, and environmental extremists. Do you know how many BLM agents speak Russian? Not even kidding. If the land owners don’t “take the money”? Prison, bankruptcy, death.


And this gem in Huffington Post in 2013 re McCain/Flake - note this was the year before the raid on the Bundy's after they refused to sell their land to BLM. And typical for McCain and Flake - when faced with the truth suddenly "they know nothing about the links to bad guys."
2/15/2013 07:35 am ET Updated Feb 15, 2013
Iran Uranium Mine Partner Would Benefit From Senate Land-Swap Bill

By Michael McAuliff

WASHINGTON — A bill offered Thursday by Arizona’s two senators would aid a company that partners with Iran in an African uranium mine.

The bill, the Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act of 2013, is sponsored by Sens. Jeff Flake (R) and John McCain (R). It would swap 2,400 acres of federal land in Arizona for 5,500 acres of land that the Department of the Interior deems as “important” for conservation.

The idea is to give the Resolution Copper Mining Co. access to land that would allow it to extract vast amounts of metal, while theoretically boosting the economy and protecting public property. A press release from the senators said the mine would generate more than $64 billion in economic activity, as well as tax revenue, and would meet as much as 20 percent of U.S. demand for copper.

But the bill comes at a time of extreme sensitivity about anything linked to Iran, under stiff sanctions because of its nuclear program. Late last year, America’s ambassador to the U.N., Susan Rice, was harshly criticized for her investments in firms that do business with Iran.

Resolution Copper Mining is 55 percent owned by Rio Tinto, a giant mining firm that partners with Iran at Namibia’s Rossing uranium mine. The rest of Resolution Copper is owned by BHP-Billiton PLC, an Australian company that reportedly made millions doing business with Tehran. Rio Tinto is the world’s second-largest mining company. BHP is the biggest.

McCain told The Huffington Post he didn’t know about the mining operation’s Iranian links. “I’m not sure what they do ... This is the first I’ve heard of it,” McCain said. Brian Rogers, a spokesman for McCain, later downplayed the benefit Iran gets from its partnership with Rio Tinto.

“The issue of the Namibia mine is often used by anti-mining groups to distract from the benefits of the Arizona project, Resolution Copper,” Rogers said in an email. “Rio Tinto is the majority shareholder of the Rossing uranium mine in Namibia. The Iranian Foreign Investment Company technically owns a 15 percent share that it acquired before the fall of the shah. International sanctions prevent Iran from receiving any uranium or any financial windfall from the mine.”

Flake’s office did not respond to a request for comment. He almost surely would know about the firm’s relationship with Iran. He was a lobbyist for the Rossing mine in the early 1990s, according to a National Journal story that also noted Iran was believed to be involved in the operation as far back as the 1970s. Flake co-sponsored similar legislation in the last Congress.

The senators’ press release talked up the potential benefits for America.

“We won’t let Congress overlook how important this land exchange is for Arizona and our nation,” said Senator John McCain. “This bill gives us access to the largest copper deposit in North America and creates about 3,700 jobs in an area of our state particularly hard-hit by the economic downturn. It’s shameful that some in Congress have played politics with this proposal for seven years and it is now costing hardworking families their livelihoods as the layoffs announced in December continue. I am grateful for Senator Flake’s dedication to this issue and to my colleagues in the House who are working together across party lines to breathe new life into this tremendous opportunity.”

“This bill presents Congress with a rare opportunity to approve a measure that not only allows for the creation of thousands of private-sector jobs at no cost to the federal government, but to also protect thousands of acres of environmentally sensitive land,” said Senator Jeff Flake.
I think since the Uranium One transaction was done illegally thru bribes, kickbacks and blackmail that Trump should declare it null and void then say to Russia “if you want your money back Hillary has it.”

She may be the one crying for protection at that point
WB, Isn't the land exchange you referenced above also supported by our congressman, Gosar, as it will rejuvenate the economy of Superior, and southern Gila county, and protect sacred Apache sites, or is this something new I have not heard about?
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