The Wild Wild West! Sunday Aug 19

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There aren’t too many places on earth worth driving 8 hours just to spend the night... but Lake Powell is one of them!

The beauty of this place can take your breath away and never ceases to amaze no matter how many times you visit!

On the good advice of a friend we got up early Sunday and headed straight for West Canyon out of Antelope Point.

At 5:30am (AZ time) there is nobody else there and the water is as glass-smooth as you can imagine in your wildest fishing dreams.

After a beautiful morning run to West at about 50mph (28 minutes!) we set up and immediately noticed fish jumping everywhere!

Just inside the mouth of the canyon we looked east across the water toward the rising sun highlighting the splash of every jumping fish that seemed to be yelling “I’m here, come and catch me if you can!”

Challenge accepted...

Just after sunrise we pulled in and went to the east shoreline near some rocky rubble to cast surface lures (Sammy’s - 4” rattle tubes). We caught 3 Smallmouth in 15 minutes while there were 20 more jumping within ear-shot.

Once the sun rose a bit more intensifying the light and heating things up, the surface bite slowed and we decided to troll toward the back of the canyon.

Water surface temp was 80 when we arrived, and had risen to about 82 prior to departure, according to the Lorance Hook2. Trolling speed was 3.7mph.

We used two Bomber Deep Fat Free Shad “Sexy Shad” and just trolled in, all the way to the back of the canyon.

Along the way we caught 6 Striped Bass, 2 more Smallmouth Bass (at the same time! Fish on! Hey, I have a fish on too!), and our favorite: Another Large Walleye!

Stripers were 19”-21” long and appeared healthy.

Smallies ranged from 12”-16”, and we’re all fat!

Mr. Walley was 18” and ugly as sin, with gnashing teeth (but he didn’t fight much, maybe it was too hot?)

Overall we caught twelve nice fish in 3 hours before setting up the beach chairs and shade to take a nap and relax a bit before making the trek home to Cave Creek.

There's a beautiful little beach in the back of West just before it gets too shallow to boat in. It was our oasis for a while, and we'll be going back another time no doubt.

All in all, possibly the best way I can think to spend a weekend!41A41EA5-7BC8-46D9-9C64-04F3FDD5F022.jpegBACE2F05-57E7-47A6-B977-5703B2753015.jpegE2B0DAAC-D400-4892-BDC0-937FFA6FD49C.jpeg42E6AE1A-27DC-47A5-A1E0-0226AC7E7C72.jpegA893FA3A-407E-47C5-A7D3-A59CA899ADDB.jpeg691D7629-85A4-4D24-922A-644282425F7D.jpegCFB8053F-1F97-48CA-B6D0-69587784719B.jpegC2FE4306-4D18-4AB3-82EB-B8C2D9EEC01C.jpegAD2F6631-4A21-4172-B450-53DCAE763F84.jpegA3A12686-3AF3-4554-9F2C-9505ABD01D70.jpeg


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Love the report. Thanks. Looks like a beautiful day.
I wish my wife liked Powell. No Marriots..
There's a Marriott in Page LOL, in fact thats where we stayed!

Yea, I'm lucky Amy enjoys it as much as I do.

Her father took her fishing when she was a little girl and I think it brings back a lot of fond memories (while hopefully making new ones!)
It is a folding fish net, using a "tangle free" design, with a telescopic handle.

It's great in the sense it folds down really compact and is light + strong.

It works very well and is huge as you can see, so there's no problem grabbing the 24"+ stripers we've hooked over the past year.

That said,

Despite it's "tangle free" design, treble hooks wreak havoc on it.

So if you don't mind fiddling with it after every catch to remove the snarled hooks, its fantastic.

Honestly, I don't have the patience for that so I literally cut the hooks out of the net if they get too tangled.

I figure when it gets to the point of holiness where fish start falling through i'll buy another one LOL.

Got it on Amazon:
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