The Cut Top Elavation

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Looking for the elevation of the top of the cut were we can just fly through the cut not slowing down. Back in the 80s we made a trip and fished the dam and by buoy 3 on the west wall. We would just do a circle around Antelope Island.

That trip was a great trip. I used a ultra-light rod with under spin reel with 6lb just to see if I could land the 3#-4# striper's. Average fight time was 30 min. Now I go for number's.

It would be nice to just run up lake to save time not slowing down to go though the cut.

Maybe we will make that elevation this year?

Thank You
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As I recall the CRC water level before dredging was 3622 so it would take a minimum level of 3625 to overflow the cut. It would have to be 3640 before we could fly by over the ridge top without slowing for the cut. There is a small chance of lake water coming up that high. It's fun to even think about it.
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