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i wish could give a fish report from the north end but my optimax decided to it didn't like it's compresser anymore and it quit. Luckily as we were headed back to hite from white on the trolling motor the fisherman stopped and helped us towing us back to the ramp. We much appreciated the tow as it would have taken us 4 or five hours estimated to make it on the trolling motor.
you guys are the ones who found a tackle bag back in march, i will tow you any day . After i went back fishing i was right near where they boiled at 5;30 about where you where broke down . But I went back up to the north wash at 4:00 and missed the boil. Still cought alot trolling flicker shad
Bummer about motor, how many hour's on the optimax? Seems to be weak link on optimax. 2.5 liter or 3.0 ?
That suck about the motor. Do you know where you're taking it to get fixed? I'm in Hanksville & reasonably priced. ;)
Yeah that was me that found the bag. We live in gj and had 970 marine fix it. He charged me around 1600 to fix it and was super quick plus he replaced the fuel line and pulled the fuel rails to make sure they were ok. That's getting out of my knowledge base there. It's a 225 optimax with around 300 hrs on it. The part is around 1k. Going to try and make it down next weekend. Can't let that be our last trip of the year.
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