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Discussion in 'Lake Powell Fishing' started by mtnpull, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. mtnpull

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    No seriously. I had a ton of good input from y'all on the board here and I finally pulled the trigger. I am the happy new owner of a Crestliner 2150 Sportfish SST and getting ready for a few of our Spring Powell trips! I really do appreciate all the input from the members here, it made making the decision (which isn't an easy one) much more palatable. I do have one question for those with a similar boat I got it with the 300 HP verado and wondering what pitch prop would work best for performance on powell? I really don't care much on other higher elevation waters, as I don't fish them much. I just want the best performance for Powell. Also, I now have up for sale my Tracker Targa and an Ulterra trolling motor.....are there any good specific boards to advertise such other than KSL?

    If y'all see me on the water this spring, stop by and say hi. I'll likely have my 3 boys hacking it with me.

    Thanks again guys! crestliner.jpg
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  2. Meatwagon

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    She's a pretty boat, you and the boys are sure to have allot good times ahead. As for your prop ? I'm in the same situation with my new 250 e tec, surely some 300 verados will chime in. I'm considering a 4 blade for those rough water days just not sure which pitch will work best for that elevation. Good luck and great fishing.
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  3. Ryan

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  4. bobco

    bobco Well-Known Member

    wow nice purchase! I think Mattsdaddy on here has the same hull and motor, enjoy that new toy!
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  5. Dungee Fishing

    Dungee Fishing Well-Known Member

    Nice boat! Yeah, mattdaddy has the same or very similar rig, see if you can get in touch with him.
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  6. Edward Gerdemann

    Edward Gerdemann Well-Known Member

    That's a dandy boat. As for the prop, contact both Mercury and Crestliner direct and ask for their recommendations. Be sure to explain that you are running on Lake Powell at 3600 feet above sea level. When I got my Ranger I contacted Ranger directly for prop recommendations giving them that info, and their recommendation was spot on perfect. That's where I'd start. I think you'll be much happier if you spend the money for a stainless prop. As stainless blades have less flex in the water than aluminum, the pitch recommendation for stainless will be different. :)

    Ed Gerdemann
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  7. PBH

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    did you buy it from Robertson's?
    What pitch prop do they recommend?
  8. John Leu

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    My dream boat... Nice Choice. See you on the lake. I always am looking on Craigslist, Boat Trader and KSL. You can also post in the sale section in here.
  9. mtnpull

    mtnpull Well-Known Member

    Yes. They recommend a 19 as a good all around one for the state. Although I don't fish much anywhere else....I am too busy with work in July and August to go anywhere, so I just do spring and fall trips to powell. So if 19 is the recommend all around statewide, I just want what's best on powell. I'm starting to wonder if maybe a 21 might be better for powell only.
  10. mattdaddy

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    Yeah, that's almost a twin to our boat! Looks like you went with the SST that looks to be about the only difference. You will love it, there is not one thing I would change about ours except more days fishing on it! Not sure on the prop, got a 19 and max out 59.9 mph with 4 in the boat and full tank of fuel which is plenty fast for me. When driven right the fuel economy is excellent. Hope you have a blast in it this year...I'm hoping to go in March work permitting and wil be down for sure a few times in April and May so if you see us say howdy! Same to you Bobco...I need some fishing pointers on catching some Walleye down there!
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  11. mtnpull

    mtnpull Well-Known Member

    This is great to hear. Maybe a 19 is actually perfect. 60 is plenty fast. I could barely hit 42 in my Tracker. We did go with the sst. My boys really liked it better and since they are the ones fishing off the back, I figured they can deal with it! I hope we don't regret that one as we fish and rarely pull a tube or ski, etc. But they made the decision, they can deal with it. Good chance of seeing you this spring. We anticipate a week in March, April and May. Thanks for the is greatly appreciated!
  12. Brent R

    Brent R New Member

    Nice looking boat... Would like to hear how you like it once you get it out there on the lake a bit..
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  13. Reeltor

    Reeltor Member

    how much are you asking for the trolling motor?
  14. mtnpull

    mtnpull Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I sold it already. Both the tracker and the trolling motor sold rather quickly. The tracker was sold within 24 hours of listing it and the trolling motor within 1 week. Not a bad turn around and the depreciation on the tracker was not as bad as most made it out to be.
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  15. True Ott

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    Sweet boat. You'll love the 300 Verado. You will find that it really doesn't matter what prop you use - the Verado doesn't lose much HP at 6000 ft. It will be virtually the same at Powell at 3000 ft. elevation and thus prop pitch is not nearly as important. Enjoy!
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