Thankful for Thanksgiving Day fishing results on the south end...

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Started out at about 8 am and found a solid SMB and LMB bite along the main channel's slick rock walls where the fish were up shallow in the morning...I assume...searching for Crawdads as most fish caught were stuffed with the critters. All within a mile or two of the Wahweap marina. Less fuel and more fishing time!

The bass didn't show much interest in my plastics like usual so I switched to cranks and the Shad Raps in subdued craw colors were on the menu.

In the afternoon, I ventured over to Warm Creek for a few hours and found numerous hungry juvenile Striper stacked in the back of the bay. I caught fish until 4 pm before heading back to the houseboat to pack up.
This time none of the larger skinnier fish were found. Thankfully there was another boat in the area thinning out the Striper population too.

I have noticed what I perceive to be a Striper die off taking place...natural part of the boom bust cycles I figure-lots of unhealthy/starving fish swimming near the surface in a slow unhealthy cadence...and now that water clarity is improving- I see hundreds that have succumb- scattered around the lake bottom.

My fishing companion and I (my pooch) enjoyed a Turkey dinner with a side of fresh fish to wrap up a glorious day. From now on- I'll be fishing through the fall and early winter. Too good to miss. Some of the nicest days of the year so far for me and the fish are eating.


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We found ours on rock piles with Jigs, Vixens and Spooks, caught a bunch on rattletraps and spoons as well. Even caught a mess of Crappies on rattletraps. Definitely was a good bite. Winterized the houseboat but might sneak back in the bass boat before March if I can get a kitchen pass.
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