Taking boat from Halls to Wahweap...tomorrow!

Discussion in 'Lake Powell Recreation' started by Joy, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. Joy

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    We have been trying to get our hb to the south end to have some work done on it that can't be done at the north end...finally found the time!
    Question: is Dangling Rope open still? They aren't towing a runabout, hoping to save fuel, but, it does make for a more 'exciting' trip. ha.
    I've read where they close on the 14th of December...and the 1st of November...
    Thanks in advance!
  2. cfulton

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    I was at Dangling on Nov 9th. I asked when they closed for the season and they said the "end of November". The NPS headquarters at Page should know also, call them. Chuck
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  3. Tiff Mapel

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    We made that trip three years ago! It took us 12 hours, and we weren't towing a runabout either. From Halls, it took us 9 hours, and we beached at Friendship Cove. Next morning, it was 3 hours to Wahweap. Just be sure to watch for the whales in the center of the channel at the San Juan confluence (stay left) and on the right just before you get to Dangling Rope. Not sure about Dangling Rope being open? Enjoy the trip! :)
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  4. PowellBride

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    We have made the trip from Bullfrog to Wahweap a couple of times. It took us close to 12 hours towing a runabout. In the summer when there is more daylight, we've made the run upriver to the buoy in one day (leaving at the crack of dawn), but it's a pretty aggressive plan. We usually plan 2 days and overnight at the mouth of RockCreek or that general area. Then day 2 is 3-4 hours depending on the cut.
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  5. wayne gustaveson

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    NPS advised today that Dangling Rope Closed at the end of November.
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  6. Joy

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    Thanks all! I had called the main # and was told they are open, however, I called again and they did indeed close Nov. 30th.
    We've done the trip a couple times in warmer weather...I offered to go pick them up if they head south today! I haven't heard yet.
    It's supposed to be windy later, though?!