SxS on road usage around Wahweap and Page

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I'm thinking of bringing a SxS/UTV down with us next year when we camp at Wahweap - does anyone know of the rules and regs with those on the roads near Wahweap CG and on Hwy 89 going back into Page from the campground? I know about the Arizona law regarding using them on the road and making them street legal, and I know they get used regularly on the roads in places like Lake Havasu City. I just didn't know if there was a different set of rules for GCNRA and/or Wahweap CG, or if you're allowed on the short stretch of highway heading into Page from the campground.

I wasn't planning on doing a bunch of tearing around either on- or off-road with it while we're down there on vacation, it just seemed like a fun way of getting around in lieu of firing up the truck everytime we need to go somewhere. I was thinking of things like when we run down to the showers each night, or going into town for food or supplies. I've never checked out if there's anywhere down there to run them off-road, but if we did that, I'd make sure that we're only doing that on designated OHV trails.
If they are "street legal" you can use them on surface roads in Utah (NOT freeways). Not sure that's helpful but just so you know...
Could we get away with running it on Hwy 89 between the campground and Page? If memory serves, it's about a 4 mile stretch on 89 from the main campground entrance to the dam, then it's sub-freeway speed the rest of the way into Page. (Our SxS is fully capable of freeway speeds, BTW.)
I don't know, I'm sorry, I can only speak to Utah law. Someone here will chime in I'm sure.
I just called the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles and they said "if they are registered for highway use then they can be used on Arizona surface streets".

I'd still wait for others to chime in with their opinions before I made my final decision.
Thanks so much for calling and checking on that!! Yeah, sometimes what they say and what the reality is are two different things, so it may be best to hear from someone who's been down there with side-by-sides or UTVs and tried running them on the streets.

Just for grins, I did a bit more research and found locations of OHV trails down at and around LP, and it seems like they are plentiful. Even if we don't (or can't) run our SxS on the streets down there, it probably would still be worth it to take it with us next vacation.
There are awesome rides around there. Paria overlook.Crosby Canyon,Kelly's Grade,Alstrom Point,The burning underground coal seam,etc.etc.. Asking if you can get away with stuff around there is like asking if you can get away with drinking and driving. We call the bridge over the river "The Gauntlet". Park Service, Kane County Sheriff, Coconino County Sheriff, Arizona Highway Patrol, Utah Highway Patrol, and Page Police are all lurking in the shadows. I wouldn't try much funny business.
That's awesome - sounds like lots of opportunities for trail rides around, so we shouldn't be lacking in that regard. But maybe we should just stick to riding on those and stay off the main roads?

When we were at Havasu, there were a ton of SxS's out on the streets, though I don't recall seeing too many out on 95 down there. It may be that riding them on an interstate is verboten no matter what the distance is, and they'll ticket you anytime they get the chance. I guess I could take the time to call all of the authorities on the list as well as the office there at Wahweap to see what the official line is for each, but we may be better off just sticking to the trails (unfortunately).
AZ-licensed SxS’s are regularly seen on the roads in the town of Page. I don’t recall seeing them out on 89 though. I’ve seen them on SR 95 in the Parker area, 55 mph speed limit and local LEO’s have no problem with them.

As for GCNRA, I’ve seen SxS’s in the Antelope Point parking lot and actually parked on docks next to houseboats there. Not sure what the NPS regs are, seems reasonable if the vehicle is licensed for on-road use it would be fine but the Feds may play by their own rules.
If that's all that's needed, then that'd be great. Last year was our first year down to Lake Powell and Page, but in the 4 days we were down there, I didn't recall seeing a lot of them on the roads (there were quite a few we saw off-road though). When we have been to Havasu, they're all over the place on the roads. My concern was that there's a reason we didn't see them on the roads down at Powell. I just didn't want to get the thing out on the highway or in the campground down there and be "that guy" and end up with some huge ticket or fine or something.
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According to the Glen Canyon Off-Road Vehicle Management Plan Record Of Discussion signed August 2018, street licensed OHVs are OK on paved roads within GCNRA. 150C9C63-1D1C-4C90-8C18-DF9C69D5EBCE.jpeg1DD3F708-4CC2-4F78-8979-B3C0F1876515.jpegBE62C46F-9C97-49DB-BD36-60CA663B13F8.png
Would one be required to get a GCNRA yearly sticker, for a SxS the same as a boat?? Sq

At the south end (Arizona) a street-licensed OHV would be treated the same as any car or truck so regular vehicle entry fee would apply (1-7 days or annual). That’s for use on GCNRA roads.

Not sure what Utah’s laws are for operating SxS’s on-road...original question was directed toward Wahweap/Page area.
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The second red box states that permits are not required.
Correct, beyond the normal park entrance fee there’s no special permit required to operate an OHV on park roads. Park entrance fees are used to pay for infrastructure and maintenance.

Entrance Fees - Weekly
1-7 Day Vehicle Entrance - $30.00
Admits one single, private, non-commercial vehicle and all its passengers
Entrance Fees - Annual Passes
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Annual Pass - $55.00
Allows unlimited entry to Glen Canyon for 12 months from date of purchase.

Here are some OHV-specific examples for clarification:

- A local Page resident drives his/her street-licensed OHV over the bridge to the Wahweap South entrance. A single vehicle park entrance fee is required (just like a car or truck).

- A street-licensed OHV is brought into Wahweap campground inside a toy hauler, the OHV will NOT be driven in the park. A single park entrance fee is charged for the tow vehicle only.

- Above OHV is off-loaded inside the park for use on park roads. The OHV is now subject to a vehicle entrance fee. The fee paid for the tow vehicle is non-transferable so an additional fee must be paid for the OHV.

- Above OHV is used to run in to Page and back. OHV is subject to a vehicle entrance fee. The fee paid for the tow vehicle is non-transferable so an additional fee must be paid for the OHV.

- A street-licensed OHV is driven on US 89 to the Lone Rock entrance for use in the OHV area. A park entrance fee is required but no additional special permit is needed for the OHV. A separate $14/night is charged for camping.

Basically, anywhere a car or truck must pay a fee to enter the NRA, the same applies to a street-licensed OHV entering the park or using park roads...there’s no entrance fee exemption if one is driving an OHV rather than a car or truck.
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Perfect! That's pretty clear on all of the above - if I'm running my SxS on the roads in the park/campground, I'll need a separate parks pass, I can drive it back and forth to Page without issue (so long as I have the equipment installed and insurance to make it street legal), and I should be fine with my state OHV permit going off-road. I don't think we'll be heading north over the border to Utah, but if we do, I'll probably need to check state OHV regs there as well to make sure I'm not running afoul of the law either on or off-road while I'm there.
Also, just had a confirmation on a different (ATV) forum where I'd posted the question confirming the use of SxS's on the roads around Page - it's all legal as long as your rig is street legal. Apparently AZ also requires an out-of-state OHV permit that costs $30 - annoying, but no biggie.
Correct...however the Arizona out-of-state OHV permit would only be needed to operate an OHV (registered in another state) off-road in Arizona. The original question above pertained to operating on the street in and around Page/Wahweap.

If your OHV is registered out-of-state, is it ‘street-licensed’?

If you plan to operate an out-of-state OHV on the any Arizona highway, in Page or on NPS roads, Law Enforcement will be looking for an affixed, valid license plate, just like any car or truck.
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