Suggestions for catching fish on South LP between Christmas and New Years?

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I'll be in the Padre Bay area between Christmas and New Years on our yearly trip with the grandkids. We'd like to do some fishing this year with the 11 year olds. I'd appreciate suggestions on how best to fish (and catch hopefully!) this time of year (i.e. where best to fish? depth? etc.) - prefer focusing on small mouth or large mouth over stripers, but I am open.

I'm an experienced fly fisherman and grew up trout fishing, but would consider myself a relative newbie fishing on Lake Powell - I do fish there several times a year, and I do have a pretty good assortment of Yamamoto baits and other spin casting lures, but nothing fancy.


Thanks, Doug
Thanks Lance. It looks like the info posted was primarily related to striper fishing, but still helpful. I appreciate the response. -Doug
If fishing for bass then go t0 the backs of canyons on warm afternoons and fish the 15-30 foot strata at the edge of the brush. I have had some good reports lately on bass in Gunsight, Last Chance and Rock Creek. Stripers have been caught swimming with bass. Right now finding the magic time is critical. It may be the last hour of the day or mid day. Fishing success is not good all day long but great when they start to feed.
Thanks Wayne, that is exactly the info I'm looking for - I'll report back on how we do next week. -Doug
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