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Study needs our help

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Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

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Attention Lake Powell anglers: We're teaming up with BYU to conduct a research project to better understand the relationships and threats invasive mussels have on the fishery at Lake Powell and we need your help!

We need anglers to help us catch bluegill and green sunfish. All you need to do is go fishing, catch bluegill and sunfish, and bring them to the fish-cleaning stations at Bullfrog or Wahweap from May 28 through June 2.

Participants will be entered into a drawing for each fish they donate. You can take filets from fish if you want them — we only need the carcass with stomach intact, and the ability to get a length measurement. The drawing will take place after June 2, 2018, and we'll mail prizes to winners.

The daily limit for bluegill and green sunfish is still in effect (a combined total of 50).
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