Stripers in Wahweap bay today.

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Just wanted to share. I found a huge school in between the rental marina and Lone Rock Beach. I got into them heavy. Hey we're in about 60 ft of water and I caught them all morning long.
Very soft bite. Almost like fishing for largemouth with a finesse bait.


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Started this morning with a nice cup of coffee sitting on the back of the cabin cruiser about 6 am. Suddenly some splashes. I wouldn't call it a boil but a few striper were chasing single shad. I could see the shad leaping out of the water.
So what did I do, you ask? Well of course I grabbed my rod and went to work. I caught 3 in about as many minutes.
I was going to head home early today but decided to give my spot anther try and it didn't disappoint. In a little over 2 hours, I caught 11 nice, fat, healthy stripers. I wanted to stay longer but I couldn't. Back to the cruiser to clean the fish, pack up and go home.
I'll be back for the eclipse.
I wonder how that will affect the fishing?
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