Stripers gone wild

Fun story for everyone. Had great time memorial weekend with my son and daughter and 5 grand kids. We are fishing mouth of moki with anchovies bales open and we are slaying them! My 9 year old grand son set his pole down bale closed and walked to front of boat to get a drink. When he got back to pole it was gone! Needless to say he was upset. I told him well that's how you learn but we'll get another one. 20 minutes later and about 15 fish later his dad land's one and it has line. He starts pulling line in and boom! Grandson pole back on boat! If I didn't see it with my own eye's I wouldn't believe it!! FISH ON!
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My son's Christmas pole ended up at the Moki Wall Wednesday. Our luck wasn't near as good that morning. Soooo, new pole is forthcoming.