Striper Spoons

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wayne gustaveson

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The best striper jigging spoons are those that fall with a zig-zag motion on the way down. That looks like an injured shad heading toward the bottom.
The ideal weight is 1.5 ounces when fishing down to 60 feet or 2 ounces if going deeper than 70 feet.
The lures shown here include War Eagle, Bomber slab, and CC spoon.
The plain lead color spoon is made from the mold sold by Janns Netcraft. We make our own spoons and then paint them white and add a little flash.
Many spoons work but there is a fundamental difference between jigging spoons shown here and retrieving spoons such as Kast Master and trout spoons that provide a better swimming action on the retrieve instead of the fall. I will add some more pictures here soon.
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