Striper fishing pointers

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I will be coming to lake Powell specifically bullfrog marina June 28th. I will be accompanied by 3 friends, we are wanting to make the most of our two days fishing. Before I make the long haul from Green River Wyoming I would like to have some information. What bait or lures would be beneficial to bring, what tackle(casting, or spinning), what lb test line, and finally where to target the infamous striper and hopefully fill a few coolers to bring home. Any help would be much appreciated!
For long casts I would recommend a medium heavy rod with a spinning reel that has 8 pound test fluorocarbon line. You need 3 rods - one with a surface lure- one with a crankbait or white crappie jig, and one with a spoon or deep diver lure. With this equipment you are prepared to approach a striper boil and stop in casting distance from the striper school. While the fish are on top cast a surface lure or crappie jig. It is best to cast over the school and then reel back across the feeding fish.

After they sound then use the deep diver and watch the graph for the school to come right under the boat. Get the spoon down quickly when this happens. When the school is not visible on the surface or the graph then start patrolling for the next school.

For location keep watching this thread where I have my technician Roger posting current sighting of surface activity.

It is also fine to just head up to Good Hope Bay and watch for schools or surfacing fish on the way up and back.
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