Striper Cakes - Wayne Gustaveson

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wayne gustaveson

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Cook striper filets-I have tried baking them but microwave seems to work best. They don't dry out as much. Season with lemon pepper


Diced garlic and onion
Parsley flakes
Italian seasoned bread crumbs
Salt and pepper if desired

Mix cooked striper, garlic, onion, parsley, lemon, egg and bread crumbs. Mixture should hold together when patties formed. May need to add more egg and bread crumb to desired consistency.

Form patties. Cook in hot oil, turning several times until browned. Can be served either hot or cold and can be frozen after cooking.

Serve with tartar sauce, lemon or mustard sauce. Makes great fish sandwiches too.

Mustard sauce: Gourmayo Wasabi, horseradish sauce and mustard.
Sorry Chuck I might have posted this for someone else but it is not my recipe. Does anyone remember who posted this recipe long ago?
I’m not the original poster but since you cook the stripers first my guess would be they just crumble as you mix them into patties so no need to worry about cutting them up into a specific size
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