Stanton access

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What is the condition of camper and boat access beyond the haystacks at Stanton? Anyone been out there recently?
KyKevin I was down for the for 4 days never seen a boil went to the Horn looking for boils on Saturday. Spent the next days in Bullfrog and Halls never seen a single boil allot of wind and the full moon killed it , just posted to @Kbass report .
Thanks Dallas
I saw very few when I was there, but fishing was great, just not like chasing boils though.
try over by the Hobie Cat where the Two rocks are , I was able to troll them there but could find the school to spoon also by the Dome rock >Same thing couldnt locate the school . You will also see what @Kbass is saying a solid line of Gizard shad that will fool you into thinking they are stripers but they are not.
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