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Greetings Everyone,

I am new to forum, and let me begin by saying thank you all so much for the helpful information you have all contributed to this website! I appreciate the time and effort you have all expended to share your knowledge and experience of this reservoir to help others go and have a good time. I've been lurking on the website (and digging through the old one) for a little while now but have been unable to unearth the answer to a particular question.

To give a little background: I have wanted to fish Lake Powell for a long time, but have never been. I've been doing some research and am trying to plan a trip down this spring (maybe late April?) to fish for whatever will tug my string. I've got the information I need on where to sleep covered but I'm still unsure of the fishing end of the plans. There's a lot of information out there about fishing Lake Powell, but almost none about SHORE fishing Lake Powell. I have no boat, have no access to a boat, don't want to hire a guide/rent a boat, and quite frankly I like fishing from shore. Could anybody give me some direction for some good fishing spots that are accessible (and fish-able) on foot that are close enough to parking areas that I won't be hiking all day? Don't get me wrong I like to hike, but this is a fishing trip and that's what I'd like to spend the majority of time doing. I'm not asking for any secret spots or anything, I've just never been down there and being unfamiliar with the area I don't know if there are beaches that you can't fish, or if there's sticky mud for miles, or sheer cliffs around the parking areas and whatnot.

As far as locations I would prefer Bullfrog Marina area, but am open to the Wahweap end or Halls Crossing if the fishing and access would be better there.

Thanks in advance for the advice!
There are a few areas around Bullfrog.
Around the marina.
The boat ramp area.
Hobie cat beach .
The ferry Road/ramp.
Stanton Creek.
Good luck and have fun.
Stanton is great for bass, walleye and probably the best catfishing around once the water warms a bit. Stripers boil to shore in the summer and fall.
I have done well from the fishing dock at Wahweap and other places around Wahweap marina.

I have also done a ton of shore fishing and fly fishing before I had a boat. Its a lot of fun.

If you are going for stripers most will shore fish in the "chains" area. It can be very productive
Wayne should have a good shore fishing report coming his way -- but it might be delayed due to his surgery. Call the UDWR southern region offices and talk with their fisheries biologist. I know that one of them just spent the weekend with his family on the south end fishing exclusively from shore. I think they drove around in their trucks to Warm Creek and fished from shore...
A warm sunny day and the fingers in Stanton where it is shallower could have some good shore action.

My son and I started our Powell experiance for the first 3 years fishing the shore around Bullfrog. It was probably the best fishing I have ever had if timed right. 3-4th week of April. I still take a day when we go down and fish the area on foot. I think the fish like it cause the baits are coming in rather than going out. hahah. Stanton Creek area offers a GREAT area to wander around and get fish. Photos are old but.....


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Awesome, thank you all for your most excellent advice. Now I have some solid places to look into and do some research on over the next month or so before I head down there. Hope you all have great success in your future fishing endeavors!
Agree, Stanton is a good place to fish from the shore. Especially in the fall, when the stripers & small mouths are chaising shad. Sq
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