Steve Moore

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Fishguts I haven't heard anything back from him. I'm going out of town on business the next 3 days. If I hear from him I'll post or maybe he'll get on if WIFI is good enough

Steve Moore

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We did pretty good a week ago. Mainly out around the haystacks. Howard isn't doing as well but I think the moon is not helping. Small schools, had to get on the quick when they were there. Also on the first small canyon past the ferry held some.


Sorry if I confused you that last post was on my old account. Thanks for the report. That sounds like about the same as when we were down there the first of the month. We did ok when we got over some, but they didn't stay in one place for very long. We mostly fished around Hansen and Forgotten. Thanks again for your help.
I don't want to step on Howard Oatman's toes but if you are looking for another source of slab spoons, reaction lures has done us well. http://reaxtionlures.com/
Good quality and Joe is a heck of a nice guy. He gets his orders out quickly and always sends a sample or two of other lures he makes. Good Luck!