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Hello everyone, I've been reading all the reports and following the great advice on here for awhile now, and finally registered. We are looking forward to our annual walleye trip this spring, which looks like it may happen a little early this year? I was wondering if anybody had some advice for spoon weights and or styles for vertically jigging stripers? Janns Netcraft has these two styles for very reasonable, ~$1.00 each. I was wondering if either would work, and if so what would be the best weights. Thanks for all the great reports and advice, will be sure to start reporting on our trips. Tight Lines!
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Both those spoon styles will work. Here is the style spoon we have made based on the old wally lure made by Dave Wallace.


We use a 1.5 ounce spoon most of the time but when fish are deeper than 70 feet the 2 ounce spoon may be better. It is more important to get the spoon into the school quickly rather than having just the right style and weight spoon.

When searching for fish I like to use a chartreuse color spoon or one with flash on it to attract interest from resting fish.

Remember there are two kinds of spoons. These spoons pictured imitate a wounded shad and are most effective on the drop. Spoons like Kastmasters and crocodiles are best fished on the retrieve. Most fish are caught on Kastmasters while reeling in (Boil fishing) . The pictured spoons work best when the school is deep on the graph.
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