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Split rings, snaps or snap swivels?

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Trying to get ready for striper boils! What is the most effective way to rig my Kastmasters, Spooks & Jumpin' Minnows?
Should I use a split ring on the lure?
Should I tie a snap to my line?
Should I tie a snap swivel to my line?


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Spook no, straight braid or whatever line you're using.
Kastmaster, you'll want a swivel or it will twist your line.
Never used a jumping minnow...

wayne gustaveson

Staff member
I am getting a bit more mature, so I have trouble seeing up close to tie a fishing knot. Therefore, before I go out on the water, I tie snaps on all of my fishing rods. The plain snaps work very well for all the lures I use including kastmasters, spoons, crank baits, bass jigs, trolling lures, surface lure, etc. I seem to catch just as many fish now as I did when I just tied the lure directly to the line, so it works for me. The best part is that I unsnap and snap lures quickly if I see an unexpected boil or a striper school in deep water.

dallas massie

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Snap rings tied to flicker shads seem to make them track better I have noticed . I think I will follow Wayne on this and use snap rings on everything.
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