South Lake Fishing - Tuesday May 1 (Wahweap or Antelope Point)

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Wayne sent me a note stating it's so windy today as to prevent launching from Wahweap area, so I don't trust the wind forecast!

I was planning to be on the lake tomorrow (solo unfortunately) to do some fishing on my own.

I was hoping anyone who is actually in Page or already on the lake (within range of the cell towers!) could give me their advice on fishing tomorrow.

I read Wayne's fishing report stating go in the morning.

I also read the other thread about 15mph wind being the comfort threshold.

However I don't have a trolling motor on my bow-rider so my tolerance for wind while fishing (unless I'm trolling) is pretty much 5-8mph or else I can't doing everything solo and still be safe (without blowing into a cliff LOL)

So my questions are:

1. Do you believe tomorrow will be viable for fishing (forecast says very low wind until mid day)?
2. If you were going out to fish alone on a boat with no electric trolling motor, where would you go?

Thanks. If anyone is in page and wants to come, let me know.
Try fishing for smallmouth near the mouth of Navajo Canyon, especially to the west of the mouth. Either troll or jig depending on the wind. The wind is supposed to come out of the south in the afternoon and that area is kinda sheltered from the wind since you would be fishing on the south side of the main channel. You may encounter some stripers there too incidental to fishing for smallmouth.
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