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Headed up on Saturday to do some houseboat work until Tuesday and have limited time to go fish. First fall trip in a long time. From what I'm seeing, fishing the afternoons is my best bet. Looking for smallies but don't mind chasing a boil either. Doubt I'll go any further than Navajo - maybe Gunsight if it's worth it. South end bank beaters, what do you think? Any topwater at first light?
We found some small mouth in the back of Navajo Monday, haven't seen any boils and wasn't able to get a top water bite. we've got everything on jigs so far. good luck
Found some nice smallies yesterday afternoon just past the islands in Navajo. Dragging cinnamon hulas on shelves/slopes from 24 to 40 feet. Surprised the rock slides didn't produce as well as the shelves. Also caught a decent striper with a Sammy that was chasing shad in the cut. Seems like the cut is a popular place to fish!
We found some smallmouths, but they were really scattered. Our best pattern was in and near the small coves along the main channel. We caught some fish as deep as 30 feet and a few above 10 feet, but most of what we caught were in the 12 to 15-foot range just off the first drop off where the bottom dropped from five to eight feet down to 12 to 15 feet. These fish weren't willing to chase. They are so fat and healthy it appears they are not desperate to feed. They'll eat something if it's right in front of their nose, but they didn't appear to want to chase anything.

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