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    After 10 years based out of Bullfrog i have just spent my season at the south end so it' s a whole new experience.

    on all 5 trips over the summer i went at least as far as Rock Creek to avoid the crowds. I am heading down again on Tuesday and my plan is to stay close to the Marina (Antelope point). Can anybody recommend the best place to look for a great sandy beach close to APM? Laybrith?? I will be in a 75' Houseboat.

    I was thinking i would have my pick of the prime beaches this time of year, but then i learned it's UEA weekend. Should i be worried? how are the crowds typically over UEA.

    Thanks for your help
  2. PBH

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    UEA also coincides with opening weekend of the General (rifle) deer hunt. Maybe the two (UEA vs deer hunt) will cancel each other out on crowds?

    If you are heading down on Tuesday, you should beat any UEA crowds by a couple days. i wouldn't be too worried.
  3. Pccaptainjack

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    arriving on Tuesday, but not leaving the slip until Thursday morning, but hopefully that will still be enough lead time to beat the crows.

    Hopefully there are more diehard hunters than boaters:)
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    There is a very large sand beach up Navajo Canyon which is about as close to Antelope Point as you can get. There is room for multiple boats here. I am not sure the exact conditions at current water levels and with water level dropping but I think you will find a good spot. You can see the size of it in the Google Earth snap shot below.

    This is the first canyon to your right after leaving Antelope Point marina

    The beach is up towards the end of the canyon GPS Coordinates 36.915904, -111.312420. See bottom picture for larger view from marina to sandy beach
  5. Pccaptainjack

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    Thanks! I have seen that beach and definitely one of the spots i'll check to see if its available.