some good RV park/launch ramp recommendations for havasu?

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potter water

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Waterbaby, last year, you made a post to a thread where I was asking about the best RV park, launch ramp combinations for Havasu. I've been looking for that. Maybe you could repeat the several recommendations you made. I'll be bringing my 9 year old granddaughter and her dad for about a week. I'll bring my motor home and my tugboat, Poopsy. Granddaughter has a real interest in fishing, and boating and swimming. She would also get a big kick out of the bridge etc. Any help will be appreciated. Looks like the April 1 weather week will be nice. maybe wind, but that is the way of spring.
We used to always stay at The Islander RV resort - nice RV park with amenities & their own private launch ramp.

There is also Sam's RV Resort - it is out on the island, there has been a lot of changes out on the Island and Sams has recently been redone, there is a complimentary boat dock for anyone staying there.

No way would I go to Crazy Horse [also on the Island] this time of the year - it gets crazy in the Spring through Fall - especially on holidays and busy weekends

Knowing you and how you like a little quieter experience there is also Havasu Springs, though they, too, are crowded in the summer, but that end of the lake is always my preference and they have a great walk out gazebo over the water for fishing. They are the most cost-effective spot to stay:

Other choices is Campbell Cove, Windsor Beach launch ramp is right down the road from Campbell Cove. There isn't anyplace to leave your boat overnight, all spaces there are for drop off and pick up.......

Last is the campground in Windsor Beach State Park - which makes launch and retrieve easy...
You didn't mention Lake Havasu State Park. Any upside or downside to that one?

Windsor is the main havasu state park. You could also look at the other state park, cattail cove at the S end. It's my favorite. It's tough to get a spot at those parks the last couple years. They loosened up the stay limits, and the snowbirds keep them filled up.
I think your timing is spot on. The roads are already filled with snowbirds going north and the desert is amazing. Our friends spend the winter at Crazy Horse. They love it but they are social animals! One spot not mentioned, albeit a little more remote, is Black Meadow Landing (ok, a lot more remote). It is almost directly across the lake from Cattail Cove on the California side. Access is through Parker because boats aren't allowed across the dam. It is a paved road but that is about all you can say for it. It is a favorite spot of ours to take our Tandem Island sailing kayak to for lunch and a walk around the amazing cactus garden which should be in full glory by then. They have a nice launch ramp and slips.

Lake Havasu State Park, formerly called Windsor Beach and still called that by us locals, is a nice park but crazy busy on the weekends. They installed new launch ramps this past year down closer to the Bridgewater channel in the hope to alleviate some of the congestion but we launched there on a Saturday a couple of weeks ago and it was chaos. There are often events in the park near the new south launch ramps which makes it even busier. Cattail Cove is great if you can get in there. It is always full when we go there to hike or to launch the TI.
I have a hard time picturing potter being happy at Crazy Horse - unless he is there mid-week. It's nice when the snowbirds are there, crazy once we go into the Spring Break, summer season. I think he is a better fit for down-lake, too, but mentioned he wants his granddaughter to see the bridge.

We always boat-in-camped and always preferred the dam end of the lake.
Great information. We've settled on the state park, Windsor. Will be in on Sunday the 2nd and will stay 5 nights. Out by Friday. So, should miss the peak of some of the crowds. Thanks for all the input.
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