Smallmouth and Walleye lures for this time of month

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Was wanting to see some ideas for lures for smallmouth bass walleye this time of year I see the techniques range anywhere from Shoreline fishing to 20 feet of water all help would be very grateful thank you very much Happy fishing
The Yamamoto Shad Shaped Worm is as good a smallmouth lure as you can find on Powell. Fish it on a drop shot rig. Stick with the dark green, green/white laminate and natural shad colors. Walleyes will hit it, too, if you put one in front of a walleye's nose. The good old Yamamoto Series 40 curly tail grub in watermelon and shad colors works well, too. You can fish it on a jig head or a split shot/light Carolina rig. The Yamamoto Senko is another great lure in the same colors as above. You can fish it weightless, on a jig head, Texas rigged or on a drop shot rig. I also like the Yamamoto Kut Tail worms fished on a drop shot, shakey head and Texas rig. These are the soft plastics I recommend.

In the past when I've seen a lot of surface activity from shad and/or bass I've thrown a Spit 'N Image walking bait with good success. I've also caught both smallmouths and walleyes on a Rattlin' Rapala lipless crank bait in the chrome/blue color.

One thing about fall fishing - be prepared to fish the entire water column from just a few feet to 30-plus feet deep. You might catch fish at all those depths on the same day. Also, for soft plastic fishing be sure to use fluorocarbon line or at least a fluorocarbon leader. In Lake Powell's clear water this can make a big difference as fish are more likely to hit a lure presented on a line they can't see than one they can. :)

Ed Gerdemann
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Thank you very much this will be my first time there this time of year really exited and very greatful for all of you who make all this possible advice and direction is very appreciated. Will send pics after trip hopefully good ones will be Fishing out of Wahweap area so hopefull we can catch some down there if not we will head north.
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