Slurps - Halls to Lake Canyon 06/25/ - 06/27

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Stayed in Bullfrog NW Buoy field – Pretty stained – less than a foot visibility – No slurps found in Bullfrog bay – Fantastic slurp action found about 1-2 miles south of Halls in main channel (upriver from Lake Canyon) on Wednesday – just about where the color of the water appears much clearer - Tried the same area on Thursday – only a few slurps though slightly windy which made fishing for slurps a challenge Heard a report from the Rincon – Plenty of slurps--

35 stripers caught first late afternoon and six the next late afternoon – I would say 30% were not worth filleting. Size varied from 8” to 18” in slurps

Tried the suggested casting bubble with a small grub and assorted other “stuff”– still found light and medium weight Kastmasters to be the best choice --- especially when fishing solo!

Found slurps about ¼ mile into Halls and through channel to main bay- No slurps seen in Lake Canyon

Caught a few SMB in rocks along main channel

For those of you who launch out of the Execute services ramp – when I pulled out today (Friday) –NO DOCK- GONE!! – It was there yesterday - perhaps this is temporary but what a pain to have to beach the boat and get trailer etc...

Very little debris from Bullfrog down to Lake C -- Did not venture upriver

Agreed! Plenty of slurps from Halls and down. Random smaller ones in the bullfrog area. Been windy in the afternoons, really spreading the discoloration. End of canyons where the water clears considerably had some great striper slurps today. They are not boat shy but I needed to go small. I had on 25lb leader from another trip and put on my early season money fly and got denied numerous times. Went down to 20lb and got denied. Went down to 16 and it was game on, so they were leader shy for me. Very small shad fly and hookups every cast I could get into them (which can be a challenge fishing solo) Some really small fish and some decent ones. Not much luck on the spinning rod with these slurps, they did seem to spook from what I was throwing. Did not like my kastmasters either... Probably operator error. Some nice smallies and small largemouth in the rubble piles where you find clearish water. Thanks for the dock info, I’ll check and post when I can.

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I found when especially fishing solo -- I was aggressive on the approach with the big engine and watching for the direction -- without a doubt the slurps are moving faster then what you think -- once you see them you have to cut into them once you figure the direction -- The big engine did not scare them -- unless they changed direction and your on top of them -- Fun to do this time of year --

I think the boil fishing in the northern part of the lake -- which I hope should have a good survival of shad due to the "mud" color of the water now-- could be great -- Perhaps beginning of August or maybe later depending upon runoff
Sure enough, no dock. Ranger said the dock was moved to the main ramp to assist the crowds and probably not coming back any time soon.

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