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Discussion in 'Lake Powell Issues' started by Steve Moore, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. Steve Moore

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    anybody interested in filing a formal letter of complaint with the NPS parks superintendent over the lack of over sight please email me your
    And any other information you would like to share
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  2. Steve Moore

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  3. Steve Moore

    Steve Moore Well-Known Member

    Doing research today Aramark has not had a contract since December 31'st 2007. This is the Parks service issue and should never have let it get to the point it is.
    Lake mead marina's are privately owned, but the price of slips are 1/2 what Powell is now. If anybody know the price of slips at Havasue please chime in. We based out cost on a 58 foot boat. Aramark raised ours to $1020 for an open slip
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  4. Dick Carter

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    Our boat (50' Kayot) was originally on the buoy field at Wahweap. When we bought the boat (2007) the BF was $350. Each year thereafter there was a raise until the fee reached $550. At that time we decided to pull and store it in the winter months. The last 3 summers we have gotten a slip for June,July,August. This year with the rate increase we will not be able to afford it.
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  5. Alan Wade

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    Everything is Cheaper at Lake Mead, Slips, Rv Parking Etc Plus you can park an Rv, boat and Tow vehicle in the same spot but not at powell
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  6. Waterbaby

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    The Department of Interior gives the contracts out on Lake Powell, Grand Canyon, etc.. Aramark is also Grand Canyon. We had private marina's on Lake Powell for a long time, the last hold out was Halls Crossing. You should contact the new head of Interior Department personally if you have a complaint. For the record slip prices on Lake Havasu are not inexpensive - nor is 58 feet available down here [according to the websites] we are also not a national park.
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  7. Waverunner

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    With the rise in slip rates it looks like our 2 owner 64 foot houseboat will be going up for sale soon.
    I hear you have to sell it through the marina at either 3 or 10 percent commission depending on if you sell it yourself or if they handle all the showings.
    Sure would be a pain to come from Phoenix and prospective buyer not show up. Of course I could accidently go fishing...
    Any thoughts on the best way to run the sale?
  8. Waterbaby

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    Why not pull it and use launch and retrieve instead of selling it? Did they also raise the fee for being on the bouy?
  9. Steve Moore

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    With our boat it would be a large expense launching and retrieving. Only 5 owners and many times when one is not using, other owners just run down and use it for a couple days.
  10. botnb

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    Schedule one turnaround with a few of the partners together and save big time.. We used to do that and worked it, half the summer...