Side by Side use a Wahweap Campground

I need a bit of information from this well informed group. My wife and I are back into trailer camping and thought we would spend several days at the Wahweap campground this March using it as a base for exploration using our street-legal side by side. We plan to hit the dirt roads south of Highway 89 and north to Smokey Hollow. Are street-legal UTVs allowed to use the roads in the Wahweap area? I have reviewed the rules about use and they seem to indicate they are approved but I am not certain. Hate to haul the 5th wheel all the way to Wahweap just to find out we can't use the recreation area roads. Thanks for your help and advice on this.

potter water

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I've seen them all over whenever I go to the lake, but Lake Powell management and rangers have a long history of being notional about what is right and what is wrong in spite of what is written down. If in fact your side by side is licensed, insured, and street legal and you obey the road speed limits and rules I think you will be good to go. The concessionaire runs their golf carts all over the place. Of course, you don't want to get your ATV anywhere that cars aren't allowed. Probably a telephone call to the park service office there is better than anything I say and most of what else you will read in the thread.