Shout Out- Rabbit Brush


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I would like to give a Shout out to Rabbitbrush Repair out of Hanksville!

We broke down just east of Hite on Sunday morning!

Got a hold of Dave @ Rabbitbrush repair.

He got there as soon as he could and fix the problem on the spot!

Service with a smile and a fair price for a Sunday Morning!!

Dave I.

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That's a good idea. Dave, would you mind sharing your contact info?
Best way to contact is call or text my cell number. Don't let the Colorado number fool ya, I am located in Hanksville. I am also a Utah certified towing company.

But when I can, I will get you going on the spot to avoid the heavy towing costs. I even have a tire changer in the back of my service truck if the need arises for those occasional tire failures on the road.


My shop is located 1 mile north of Hanksville. Turn Right at Hollow Mountain as if you are going towards I-70 and I am on the left side of the road. Just look for all the boats. ;)

Everyone is welcome to swing on in and say Hi.
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