Shad Question for Wayne

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Wayne, with the increase in water this year covering growth on the banks and making cover available for the shad, Is this the year for shad to take off and have epic boils or will that be next year. I am thinking it might be next year as the new of shad still have to run the gauntlet of mouths to grow enough to hide in the brush?

Austin just got back and said walleye fishing from Iceberg to Knowls was amazing. They didnt target them but but fishing for bass picked up enough for meals for every night last week.
Hopefully they will fill the bellies of fish like this:


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Shad are actively spawning now and the submerged brush is amazing. This year should be as good as it gets for shad. Slurps are already beginning in San Juan and other places but the muddy water color and brush are the best things that could happen for shad right now .
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