Scenery Pictures for May 2017

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wayne gustaveson

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May is the best springtime fishing month but also one of the most scenic times when you find a calm day. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment until you can make it to the lake.


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Awesome pictures, Wayne. Much appreciated! I was supposed to be there this weekend, but I had to change my plans yet again. I'll be up SOON :cool:
And we will be up Tuesday...Antelope Point...for a week or so.
Going to exercise Cropduster...go out on the lake a little bit.
Anybody want to buy a boat?
Thanks Squirrel...hopefully no spiders yet.
Does anybody know...don't they start up in June sometime?
It's been windy up there, so they'll soon be flying in from shore.
A couple passes with Zectran would fix that. (Don't bother looking it up, it's been banned.)
Also never mind...I think that stuff kills fish.

Looks like the lake's heading up half a foot a day+ .
Took some friends up to pic-a-boo last week on our way back from the San Juan. Where are these holes at Wayne? thank you, Ray
Beautiful images, Wayne! It's a place that never gets old, and is always a pleasure to see from different angles and perspectives. Thanks for sharing!
I love that kind of forecast. An impromptu guys trip with two LP rookies. Always fun to hear "amazing" and "unbelievable" over and over!
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