San Juan Trash Tracker report

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Tiff Mapel

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Hi all,

Spent 6 glorious days on the Juan, and our last night in Padre Bay. The water was fairly trash-free, and the debris fields were non-existent in the Juan. However, the water got shallow and silty at the Great Bend. We didn't get past Alcove Canyon. All the trash was up in the driftwood line, from last year's water level. We were beached in Piute Bay, at a place we called "Burro Beach." LOTS of burros up in the Juan. It was HOT. Over 100 each day. We found an orange Home Depot bucket with humpback chubs painted on it. Wayne??? Know anything about it?? On our way downlake on the 25th, we visited Anasazi Canyon to see the Lehi Arches. We swam and floated beneath them. Great place! We saw great blue herons, peregrine falcons, and avocets. We even saw two coyotes, who were sheltering under a large rock near where we found the orange bucket.

PowellBride, sorry we missed you. Would have loved to share some margs with you. :) For the most part, the San Juan was calm, but we did get blasted with some wind, rain, and lightning on occasion. On Tuesday the 24th, we were hit with a "Haboob." It roared into our bay and brought plenty of sand with it. Fortunately, we did not lose anything off the boat, and our anchor lines held--all six of them!

There are mussels everywhere. All of us cut our feet on the "Quagga Razor Clams." Nasty buggers. No more going barefoot on the beaches.... I did notice one interesting thing about them. As I walked the shoreline, I'd pass a rock or wall coated in them. As the wind blew, the dangling mussels would "chime" and it was a slight tinkling sound. I also noticed some grassy algae stuff growing right at the water line. I've never seen that stuff at Powell before. Anyone know what it is? I should have taken a picture of it...

Hope we get a doozy of a winter this year. We need the water to come back up and cover that mussel blight.

Thanks for the report and the pictures. I know Burro beach, we stayed there several times, and yes, the coyotes are there and not shy about it.
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