San Juan Slurps

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Spent Saturday and Sunday at the lake. Since we had two days we split the lake. Pretty much the same experience as everyone else,choose your species and you can come get into them pretty good.
Saturday went north to Good Hope and Sunday to San Juan. Found the bite slow Saturday morning. Could have been just us, as we drove through the night and were spent by the time we got to the lake. Good Largie bite in stained water, jigs and plastics. We stumbled on the mother load of walleyes. They're kicking it in 20' at the east entrance to Popcorn. Bout a 30 yard stretch of rubble. Almost every cast with a small Keitech produced one. Sized varied but they were on the chew. Stopped at Moki on the way in and put 20 Stripers in the boat the last hour of light.
Sunday we made the run to the Juan and the bite was on first thing. Caught a few bass on the way down in small pockets that had wood off the main channel. Bout a mile in the Juan my BIL smacks me on the arm and tells me to stop. Thought maybe he lost his hat, but he points in the main channel and tells me "slurp!". I thought he was suffering from sleep deprivation, but waited for a couple minutes and sure enough they came back up. We saw four slurps throughout the day. We were only able to pluck a couple off each one, but still fun.
Caught fish everywhere on everything. Just gotta be prepared. Dirty water, dark colors. Clear water, natural colors. When the wind comes up jerkbaits for clear water and spinnerbaits for dirty.
I have a video of the slurps on my phone, but can't get them posted here. I haven't posted too much since the site changed.
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We fished Saturday as well and was overall slow fishing too. Today on the other hand couldn't keep the buggers off the hook!
Saturday fishing slow in Cha Bay. Had trolling motor battery problems so skipped Sunday. Couldn't keep the smallies off the hook Monday morning in Cha Bay and above. Just north of the mouth of San Juan in the big rock, boulder area caught plenty of walleye and a few stripers trolling. We saw the juvenile stripers slurping/boiling also.
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We got into a small boil / slurp in the back of Halls this weekend. Caught 3 from it. Trolled right into it, as we got close we jumped up on the front and cast into it. They came up twice then never saw it again.
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