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arrived on the Juan late Sat. Afternoon. We've seen several boils, including one huge one this AM behind my he houseboat, parked near Cha. It lasted 20+ minutes. Fishing has been steady, but not awesome. Lots of the blackies this trip

Where do you put in? Do you motor up from Wahweap? Hope your trip went well. I was in Laughlin during that time, and we had a lot of (lovely) monsoonal skies...
We put in at Bullfrog, but the houseboat is on a buoy at Halls. It takes the better part of a day to cruise down to the SJ, but for us it's worth it. Coming upriver we use the time to clean the boat for turnover, it's time we couldn't spend out playing anyway.

We had 1 day with huge winds, but no rain, and 1 afternoon when it poured, but only for an hour or so. Not enough to even make good waterfalls
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