San Juan Report- Waterfalls


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That is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I know your camp got trashed but the trade off was well worth it in my opinion. I got the goose bumps watching the 2nd video. Thanks for sharing.


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I have boated LP since 1971. We will put up the canvas and eisenglass and go looking for waterfalls when storms blow through. We have never seen anything as impressive as those videos. Spectacular! Thanks for sharing.


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Those are spectacular videos of Lake Powell water falls - I believe THE best I've personally ever seen. Thank you for posting! -Doug
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Fish those waterfalls, lots of of food being wash in. I understand wait until its safe.
I had a waterfall ruin fishing in a small cut on the main channel, day one, the place was full of shad and smallmouth, day two, the place was full of muddy water and no fish


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2 and 4 are my favorites, 3 is a great example of how unstable that area is and why so many rock spalls over the years - and to the left of the fall you can see there's been a recent small spall.

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Did you happen to see or get video of water coming through the Rim Arches just east of Deep Canyon? I've heard it looks spectacular (especially if you hike up there in a storm) but I've never seen water coming through. Eric
You know, we didn’t and I know the arches you mentioned. At that point the rain was letting up, the falls were receding and we didn’t think to look up. We were torn between spending more time recording the falls or getting back to camp because we had a boat moored there, wondering if it was on the rocks. The boat was fine, the camp, not so much.


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Years ago a buddy of mine was on a jet ski and decieded to drive thru the waterfall, he soon found out that rocks, snakes and tree parts were also coming down with the water. He didn't do that again. Sq
Seems like a super dumb thing to do, Squirrel. I can totally imagine myself doing that same thing. Maybe even after reading about your buddy's mishap...