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wayne gustaveson

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I got a late start out of Flagstaff on Friday, July 28 and after a launch

from the Antelope ramp, a houseboat stop at Wahweap, and an ice cream float

stop at Dangling Rope, I was on my way to the San Juan after not seeing much

in the way of boils anywhere except for some "burps" here and there between

buoys 2 & 3 in the narrows by the dam. I finally ran into boils in Cha

Canyon Bay at 11:25 and was on them for 3 hours before they went down for

good. These were mostly just solid 3-4 lb fish that fought well, no dinks

but no big ones either. My boil baits as pictured were a KVD 'sexy shad'

with a weight strip on it to throw it further, a big 'whopper plopper',

again for distance but that lure worked best in the middle of the feeding

frenzy as it seemed to scare the outside single fish, and a 3/4 oz

Rattletrap that could cast a mile and either be retrieved quickly near the

surface or counted down to depth once the boil went down. I could always

catch at least 2 or 3 fish from each boil before they'd go down so these

fish were very cooperative! Good weather conditions of no wind and light

boat traffic along with high clouds made for almost ideal conditions

although it was still pretty hot to start with. The clouds lowered coming

down off Navajo Mountain and cooled things off and it looked like it would

only get better but the bite faded out by 2:30. Although the boils were only

25-50 fish groups, they were very numerous in a half mile circle with 5-6

different groups at all times. I wonder how long they'd been going before I

got there???

When the boils died I ran on up to the Neskahi Wash area and the smallies

welcomed me to their party with 12 fish for 12 cast to start on a 'Ned Rig'

and another 25 before the wind came out of nowhere at 4 to go from flat

water to whitecaps in a matter of minutes and the bite shut down. With the

rain and wind I decided to make a slow run back to Wahweap and check a few

places out on the way. With the 2-3 waves most of the way back I lost

interest in breaking out the trolling rods but did find a few fish on spoons

here and there.

I did get an early start on Sat morning but had some wind that wasn't

conducive to prime boil conditions so I decided to just work the southern

end of the lake and headed for the Padre Bay area, but with a slow drive

through I saw nothing on top so I headed over to the Buoy 25 wall and found

a few small boils that would go down quickly after one fish was caught. I

left here and went into Face Canyon without seeing anything before going

over to Dove Canyon and finding a side cut with little wind and some willing

stripers on top as well as some on spoons at 25-30', along with a fat cat,

(see pic) and a couple of the smallest bass I've ever caught! (see pics)

From Dove I headed over to Friendship Cove at 8 AM and was surprised to pass

over several small groups on top in the boat traffic/rougher water (buoy 31

area) but they'd go down quickly. Friendship only produced a few spoon fish

deeper and one quality LM bass on a TRD (see pic) up very shallow. A few

other small spoon fish on my way back in and I was headed back to Flag at


Sam Sherwood

Mesa & Flag, AZ


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