Ryan Kocherhaus - Rock Creek stripers and bass

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wayne gustaveson

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Headed down to Powell last week and launched the boat at Wahweap late Thursday night. Got an early start the next day (Friday) and made it up to Rock Creek. Water temps ranged from 57-60 depending on time of day and location.

As recent reports suggested, I first went to the back of Rock Creek and found the green/cloudy water. Depth was between 15 and 30 feet. I started trolling Rapalas (Shadow Rap) and a Wally Diver. I ended up catching 5 stripers and a crappie. It definitely wasn't fast fishing, but enough to keep me entertained. I spent some of the afternoon and evening hiking and exploring and spent the night in Rock Creek.

The next morning I focused on smallmouth. Since I hadn't caught or seen any in the cloudy shallow water I started working my way out of Rock Creek and fished the big chunk rock piles that were in the morning sun. The smallmouth went crazy for the Ned Rig. I was using Z-man TRD in peanut butter and jelly color. The smallmouth are very healthy at Powell this year - many of them had crawdads in their bellies. Water was super clear so had to stay way back and cast into the rocky shoreline. It seemed like every rock pile I stopped at was holding multiple fish.

I also fished some rock piles in Wahweap bay and found similar success and results with smallmouth bass. Went to the dam to soak some anchovies and only caught 2 stripers there. I also didn't spent much time, but I hear it's heating up for the bait fishing areas. MM 25 was also dead for stripers although I did mark fish there. Quite a few fisherman shore fishing at The Chains.
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