Runoff peaked?

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Looks like the downward trend of inflow is being helped by an upward trend in discharge, probably due to electrical demand in the southwest. I hope we hit the "Jackalope Jackpot" !! :)
Up here in the headwaters, the rivers are all still over flood stage, but are supposed to start dropping this week. They had dumped a ton of water out of Fontenelle and Flaming Gorge to make space for the runoff, but I think they are now reducing the flows and allowing the reservoirs to fill up. So, I would bet flows have peaked, but will remain strong for a while.

That said, there is still a of water to come down. We went hiking into the Wind River Mountains last week, there is still a ton of snow over 9500 feet, so you can't really get anywhere. They were predicting an active monsoon season for the summer, that would be icing on the cake of a huge water year up here.
It peaked here in Grand Junction June 10-11 2017..

I know as we were watching for the highest level before putting the boat in the Colorado river and running upstream and floating back down...
I sure hope not..... I was really rooting for " a foot a day " I bet that really hot and windy weekend a few weeks back pulled a few feet from the lake.
I missed the deadline for the contest in April so, July 9, 2017 3637'. Been fun watching the 'daily water level' graph this spring!
Looks like we're down to the last couple of weeks of positive gains of lake level. They've begun reducing the flows from Navajo Lake on the San Juan, and McPhee Reservoir releases into the lower Dolores River are dropping as well. Looks like we have a lot of optimists as Wordlings(myself included). Monsoon season is just around the corner, though.
The best part of the Bullfrog bumps disappearing is that the walk up the ramp to get the trailer is 100 yards shorter.
Murphy's law says that if you are walking up the hill, it is 105 degrees, and down the hill, it is icy. I have one knee just barely hanging on by a thread, and that walk is a drag.

I flew from Grand junction to Denver today, and there is a little snow up top, but we are more done than not.
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