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8 of us are coming up to fish 0n may 12th. Our base(houseboat) will be in a small cove across from friendship or maybe in friendship. We have been coming up for years and have not fished much in rock creek till last year and did ok. Also have not fished west canyon. Any info about these two areas would be greatly appreciated. We mainly fish for smallies and largemouth with an occasional troll for stripers and walleye. Grubs,crankbaits, early topwater and this year I will be trying some swimbaits. Stripers are our evening fun back at the houseboat. We will have 3 fishing boats. We love the islands across from rock creek and the sides of the main channel where there is rocky cover from camel rock to sheep with one run up to oak or lower san juan, but west and rock creek are still kind of a question mark, especially West.
We have stayed in Friendship quite a few times.
I tried West Canyon last fall after hearing about the skin walkers that supposedly live there. Long smooth sandstone walls and cuts. Not many loose rock banks, no wood and no tumbleweeds. Went all the way to the back and was pretty disappointed might find a starving striper in there but did not find anything a self respecting bass would hang on.
Rock Creek and its tributaries on the other hand have lots of rock falls, walleye, crappie, small mouth, large mouth and striper's to boot. Saw otters in there too. Much better scenery as well.
Thanks for the info, looks like I'll have to miss the skinwalkers again in West. I heard you have to believe in them to see them anyway so I probably won't miss much. I'll definitely be hitting Rock Creek. I've seen alot of critters on the lake but never an otter. I'd love that.
We have stayed in Friendship quite a few times.
I tried West Canyon last fall after hearing about the skin walkers that supposedly live there.

Skinwalkers in West? That sounds interesting.

I've always done pretty well fishing West. There's a big cove that heads off to the right near the mouth of the canyon that usually has a lot of stripers in there.
We'll probably try the cove on the right side. Those darn skinwalkers are elusive, they have a tendency to shift change into mice when they hear you coming so be real quiet if you're looking for them. Coyotes are another of their favorite disquises.
We did not find or feel the skinwalkers either, might have to go at night for better luck. I will look at Coyotes and mice in a whole new perspective now. The otters are definitely fun to watch.
Just a quick aside, a Navajo buddy told me about surprising a coyote outside his parents place late one night out on the reservation above Bitter Springs. He promptly shot it and it crawled off. The next day he heard about a known witch dying in the hospital from a gunshot wound. Skinchangers like to turn into a mouse and collect your hair to make a kind of voodoo doll. Sorry,I'm way off subject
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