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Roadrunner- (I think)

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Quail eggs and baby Humming birds too, we have them around the house they are evil birds. I am rooting for Wiley.


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A man drove into a gas station that we were eating lunch at and called us over to his car. A roadrunner had flown into his car and was pacing back and forth on his package tray. First and last time I ever saw that.


Last year were sitting on the boat, camped near the end of Iceburg Canyon, when our 8 yo grandson Logan quietly said " I see a roadrunner bird on that rock." Yeah, right! But when we all looked...it WAS a roadrunner! We watched it for several minutes until it dipped below sight and was gone. Who knew that an 8 yo would be able to identify a bird (correctly) that we had never before seen at the lake.
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