River run before the dam

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  1. Pccaptainjack

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    My father had the oppourtunity to run the river in the mid 50's before the dam. He was about 10 or so at the time.

    They visited Rainbow Bridge and with not knowing better climbed on top of the arch. in the attached picture you can make out the arch and see a group of people standing on top of it. Apparently one of the kids brought a model airplane down the river just to hike it to the top of the arch and throw it off. It immediately nose dived and crashed.

    More photo's to come Glenn Canyon 8.jpeg
  2. Pccaptainjack

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    Does anybody recognize this spot? Cookie Jar? I'm new to the south end of the lake so i'm not sure Glen Canyon before Lake Powel 8.jpeg
  3. Dungee Fishing

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    Very cool, love the pre-lake photos.
  4. Cutter99

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    Indeed very cool! Yes please more pics. Looks like the river was pretty full that year.
  5. wayne gustaveson

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    I don't recognize the rock features in the picture. There are just too many choices. Thanks for the pictures
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    Thanks for the pictures. Please post more if possible.
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    Very nice.
  8. Ryan

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    So very cool!